The Music

This is your full line up!  All details and times are subject to change but we hope there are no last minute changes.  Links to bands’ websites or Facebook pages (where available) can be accessed by clicking the band name.


  6:00pm   Bars open with background music

  7:00pm   TBC

  8:15pm   TBC

  9:30pm   HEADLINE ACT – Don’t Forget Rupert

11:00pm   Bars remain open until midnight


12:00pm   Event open

  2:00pm   Gymnastic display – Sleaford Gymnastics Club

  3:00pm   Dance display – Go Dance

  4:00pm   Oompah band – Kellar Kapelle (Part 1)

  6:15pm   TBC

  7:15pm   Oompah band – Kellar Kapelle (Part 2)

  8:15pm   TBC

  9:30pm   HEADLINE ACT – Afterlife

11:00pm   Bars remain open until midnight